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Dec 15, 2012 7:00am PST
to kill more than 20 people. many of them innocent children. >> the nation as mourning the victims of friday's school massacre in new town, connecticut. the shooter is dead and now authorities have the daunting task of identifying the victims. renee marsh joins us now with the latest. >> the most common question is why. as residents came together at this visual friday night. law enforcement continue to piece together what happens. >> we know that this will be mass of and it is a big puzzle that we have to put together. at the center of the puzzle we have the 20 year-old who has been identified as the shooter. he had no known criminal record. he was dressed in black fatigue. >> he was always settle different. he kept hisself. i do not think you could say you could predict this. >> nowhere is this sadness more powerful than the small community. >> the press is waiting for a press conference to get under way. about 8:00 we are behind two hours here waiting for an update from law enforcement. they will shed light on what may have led up to this tragic event yesterday. >> the older brot
Dec 2, 2012 8:00am PST
belcher took his life in front of team officials. >> off the kansas city chiefs are mourning the loss of a teammate. there but they were arriving, they saw him taking his own life. >> he was talking to a couple of coaches in the parking lot and had a gun to said. they heard the gunshot. they had a gun- to his head.. >> just 20 minutes earlier he shot his girlfriend at her home and died at a local hospital. >> we heard that they had been arguing in the past. and even recently. >> the team released a statement that we can confirm that there was an incident at arrowhead earlier this morning and we are cooperating with the authorities in their investigation. belcher played all four seasons with the chiefs at his best season was last year with 120 tackle career high. they are scheduled to play sunday against the carolina panthers. george howell. kron 4 news . >> belcher and his girlfriend were living in their kansas city home with their three-month-old baby girl and belcher's mother. the child is now being taken care of by family members. police are looking for a possible motive in this ca
Dec 16, 2012 8:00am PST
attend a vigil this evening in newtown, connecticut to mourn the victims of the sandy hook elementary school massacre. his visit comes two days after a gunman opened fire inside the school, killing 26 people, including 20 obama will visit privately with the victims' families and with emergency personnel who responded to the shootings before speaking at an interfaith vigil at newtown high school. this is obama's fourth trip as president to a community still grieving from a mass shooting. churches across the country and here in the bay area are remembering the victims of friday's school shooting. there are special if the moralmemorials still ahead, kron four's mike pelton joins us live from st. mary's cathedral in san francisco this morning. we're learning more about the victims, in friday's connecticut school massacre. one of the children who did not come home from school is six year old emilie parker. her father - robbie parker - is speaking up. wanting to let others know about the little girl he lost to a gunman. and he talked about forgiveness. jim let us kee of love for the familie
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3